A Privacy Statement in Human Readable Form

We decided to present you with a privacy statement in a human readable form. We are no lawyers, we are no authority or government agency but Business People and Engineers. Our daily job is to make your life easier and contribute to your work flow. This implies to generate solutions and to speak a clear language to you. Why not here too?


Principle #1: Our house, our rules. Simple as that.
Principle #2: You can opt out anytime. If you do not like what you see, then please do not stay here. If you are a lawyer and see this privacy statement as a job opportunity nobody has asked you about, feel free to deeply inspect the rest.
Principle #3: Dear visitor, we warmly welcome you. Since it is our house you are our guest, we therefore want to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


This website runs on our servers. Machines we care about a lot and therefore configure them properly. We care about security, we care about stability. Since we care about privacy and data protection, this website does not and will never reside on servers in the United States. Our machines are located in a data centre in Austria. We got a pretty tight legal framework around privacy here, so welcome to Austria.

3rd Party Tools

We use Content Delivery Networks to provide you with a faster browsing experience, the servers for this service are spread around the world.

We use AddThis as a tool so that you can share interesting content easily. When you go to a blog post you will notice the Facebook Like Button and Google +1 Button. Convencience always has its price. The price is that Facebook thus is able to track your browsing behaviour. And oh boy, how they store that in their database. You might want to log out of Facebook when not browsing content there or use it in an anonymous tab of your browser.


Bad news first.

We analyse everything you do here. Everything. We know your operating system, your browser, its plugins, your device, your screen resolution, your IP address, your location. It is more difficult to list what we do not know.

Good news.

We are in fact the good guys. We do not abuse our knowledge. There is in fact no reason for us in doing so. We do not consider selling that data as a viable and reasonable business model, on the other hand we are very busy with our very own tasks, so we do not have any intention of doing anything with your data other than: Improving your experience.

What do we actually do with the data we collect?

Tools we use for analysing data

Google Analytics. Opt out here:

Piwik. Opt out by closing your browser window. Please just don’t visit this site, this saves both your and our time. Thank you.


This site uses cookies. These are small text files stored on your computer storing your session data. What is a session? A session stores your browsing activity, login data and other data particles relevant to your visit of this website. These cookies then interact with our website again. No, we don’t do AdWords and Remarketing, so when you leave this site, you can safely delete these cookies.


We do not encourage you to log into our website and add too much data of yours. This website actually is more of a big “About us” Page, so you will not find any application here. You rather find the relevant information on sub-websites or websites related to our businesses. We send out newsletters from time to time, just to inform our partners and friends about news. You can sign up for a newsletter and receive that information safely. Since we hate spam so much and battle that crap everyday, we will never abuse your email data. Again, no relevant business model.

Mail exception:

You got a email address and are not a spammer? We are sorry for you, but we do not accept any logins by users with addresses. There are tons of email providers in the Free World, so if you want to receive newsletters or login here, please find a reasonable email provider.