Server Systems

Implementation and deployment


Reasonable deployment.

Designated use or the quantity of users define which implementation type should be selected. We use high end hardware by cirrus7 or OfficeButler and tailor solutions accordingly.

We do not solely rely upon benchmarks, which are often not highly revealing for live operations but take real resource requirements into account. Sometimes it does not make economic sense employing too few high end processing units running on full throttle, while the same capacity could be served by a more flexible cluster environment.


All your needs in one environment.

Your own Intranet Platform with Infrastructure, Communication and Collaboration Suite out of the box. Run your own Company Cloud and access your office from everywhere. Replace expensive legacy systems with modern state of the art technology and free yourself from recurring licence costs.

  • security
  • stability
  • scalability
  • performance
  • simplicity
  • low maintenance

Network & Infrastructure

Domain Controller Setup
Routing and Gateway
Master Slave setups
Virtual Private Networks

Users & Groups

LDAP (organisation management)
Single Sign-on (Kerberos, CAS)
HTTP Authentication
Access Control
User replication
User templates


FTP and File Server
Device management
Samba4 Integration
Shared calendars and contacts
Version control
Project management tools


Email Server
Instant Messaging (XMPP)
Voice over IP Integration
Social Intranet Platforms

Web Services

Apache or nginx
SSL certificate management
HTTP Proxies
Virtual Host Management
external web services
externen and local domains

Advanced Setup

Configuration web frontend
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Antivirus Server
Access and Activity Logging

Single Server Setup

The foundation for collaboration, communication and integration of web frameworks. Connect your intranet to the web: Grant your clients and partners easy access on shared resources, while your employees can access relevant company data from everywhere. Of course via one single domain - that way you optimise your business processes and provide users with an attractive portal. In case you need more processing power, simply add nodes.

Multiple Server Setup

An ecosystem consisting of several nodes, delivering services through a decentralised framework. When your organisation has reached a certain size or your users are processing huge data. Also suitable for splitting up communication nodes, serving web applications from dedicated machines while running resource hungry database servers separately. You can increase your local network's security by provisioning entry points and split traffic.

Single Cluster Setup

Once the composition of conventional server setup just does not cut it anymore. Especially development teams or organisations running highly specialised applications requiring load balancing or flexible provisioning can increase effectivity and efficiency of their ecosystem dramatically. Moving from configuration to orchestration level, we know how to handle several tools and how to fire up preconfigured VM images on demand.

Multiple Cluster Setup

Thinking in appliances and cluster areas. Big Data is today's hot topic and even Small and Medium Enterprises are exposed to Big Data Analysis. Why to create database replication on high level while decentralised cluster instances are easily to be managed through orchestration tools? Why to define complex networking zones when there are prepared protocols for managing various region clusters? Setting up a hybrid environment was never that easy.