IT Management

We guide you with excellence and redefine your operations.

IT Management as a value driver

Intranet portals, project management, platforms or applications calling APIs are standards being in use on a daily basis, yet they need to undergo a critical assessment to make sure meeting all previously defined cost and profit targets.

Value Driver

Pursue new opportunities

Large enterprises have their IT departments available who govern and maintain the organisation's architecture. SMEs often do not have access to these resources due to thresholds and barriers, which prevent business process optimisation.

IT systems today not only support business procedures but create and add value themeselves. By enabling organisations to pursue new ventures and opening new business areas.


With our combined know how in IT systems, Corporate Finance and Controlling we empower SMEs to grant access to full-fledged solutions for entering new markets.

Decision Making

Business Process Reengineering
Requirements Engineering
Project Management


Architecture Design
Hardware Procurement
Software Implementation


Real Options Valuation
Platform Valuation
ERP Implementation

Procedure and Methods


In a first step all existing processes are to be assessed and documented. Qualifying the actual situation is the groundwork for subsequent evaluation steps.


By conducting counselling interviews we elaborate with your executives, which measures are feasible to be taken and how to modernise processes.


During the analysis phase the following circumstances and factors need to be documented and assessed with controlling best practices: Constraints, Options, Opportunities.


Alignment of IT with business processes and software choice are the top priorities in the conception phase. IT processes and in-house procedures have to be adapted to fit.


Implementation periods and points are to be valuated with methods of financial mathematics. Real options ensure that the net present value of the architecture can be defined.


Implemenation will be done after development and testing phases are concluded. Only a frictionless and stable experience creates the base for converting business processes.