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Automation is one of the most effective profit drivers in today's business. Particularly sectors with high employment of staff or low profit margins benefit from improved IT architectures tailored to their needs.

We analyse business processes, examine integration and scaling options, align business with IT processes and implement applications.

Cloud Computing

You want to relocate your services and architecture onto another layer? You want to optimise costs and resources? We select appropriate hosters and deploy to the cloud.

Server & Engineering

Your commodity architecture does not meet your requirements anymore? You need new servers or want to expand your ecosystem? We do the procurement and implement your ecosystem.

IT Management

You want to reeingeneer your processes? You want to build up your architecture from scratch? You want to migrate systems? We create a cost efficient and effective concept.


We guide you. Promised.

You discuss your company's operations with us, we do the process analysis. Following up, we navigate you through the maze of software systems and pick the applications suiting your business activities. Core philosophy is an increase in value by alignment and modernisation of workflows.

We calculate the optimal implementation time, taking all necessary requirements into consideration. We quantify and qualify scaling options as well as growth oppurtinities in your respective field of operations. Thus we can derive the most cost efficient deployment plan.


Pick what you need.

Our clients can choose from a broad service portfolio. Ranging from commercial consulting up to software engineering, from infrastructure (low level) to application development (high level) - we cover your needs.

  • IT Management
  • Consulting and Procurement
  • Implementation & Deployment
  • Software Development
  • Web Services
  • Hosting
  • Cloud Computing


Seamless integration of solutions from mobile devices to cloud is a matter of course - we develop server systems with complementary web based applications for your portable equipment.


Process Reengineering
Requirements Engineering
Architecture Planning
Implementation Valuation
Platform Valuation
ERP Implementation

Server & Engineering

Service Decentralisation
Intranet Platforms
Single Sign-on Solutions
Administration & Maintenance
Web Services

Networking (global)

Performance Optimisation
Master Slave Systems
Database Replication
Application Hosting

Cloud Services

Local Clusters
Hybrid Environments
Cloud based ERP Systems
Office Cloud Solutions


How we define a successful scenario.

Modern IT systems not only support business processes but draw up opportunities for entering new business areas. Following a vision, trodden paths are to be left behind and alignment boosts both dimensions - business and technological processes. Moving away from document and form oriented workflows, picking up process logics and generating output orientation.

IT systems generate value by increasing efficiency and by installing new processes. Not Asset Costs, but Total Costs of Owernship are in the foreground. While ToC are a necessary measurement for implementation, smart systems are to be valuated by Net Present Value assessment - leaving purchasing behind and moving on to Cash Flow reasoning.


Start today with assessing your process workflow and find out where you can optimise or how implementation of new services can contribute to your company's performance. Contact us right away.

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Server Systems

High performant and easy to maintain servers run Linux of course. We are dedicated to Open Source Software. Why? Because it is cutting edge, highly secure and far ahead of closed systems.

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Server Scenarios

Designated use or the quantity of users define which implementation type should be selected. We use high end hardware by cirrus7 or OfficeButler and tailor solutions accordingly.

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Cloud Services

Deploying services to the cloud creates flexibility and frees up resources at low costs. Use capacity only when it is needed, scale up in peak load phases and otherwise optimise your budget.

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